Who we are:

PhotoPlusVideo is an exceptional video production company with many successes already in the commercial arena. And we aspire to do much more. We envision a world we communication solely through motion pictures. Our goal is to become masters of this language, which will make us the go-to production powerhouse for impactful, memorable, commercial content.

We are thrilled to connect with all of you through this new avenue! There are thousands of video production companies out there, but we stand firmly behind our own model and mission. We execute both with passion. We’re proud of our creative process, and this video production blog will serve to help you understand the science behind it.

What we can do for you:

This production blog will be a tool for you to learn about the magic of video production and filmmaking. We will lift the curtain and bring you behind the screen to learn the hidden art of production. A good video is made in the details: storyboarding, color grading, and other small details that are often overlooked. It’s our priority to help you understand the process so when you decide it’s time to make a video, you can be hands-on with your product.

Furthermore, we want to showcase the best ways of integrating video into your marketing and distribution strategy. We’ll explain the advantages of using video as a primary communication tool, and teach you how to leverage video advertising. There are a variety of ways that you can utilize videos, and being knowledgeable on each of these can help across many different areas of your business.

Join us every week for a little journey into videography! Learn not only the magic of video production, but also a little about our team and who we are. Ultimately, it is our goal to get you as close as possible to optimal video advertising, and we believe the first step is to get you in on the process.

Ready to take off?

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