Video production is complicated business, and we want you to understand what’s going on. It’s our favorite thing so of course we understand it. But, we want you to be in the know too! Below is a video production glossary featuring terms you’ll hear us say, along with their simplest definitions.

Our Video Production Glossary


Using computer softwares to bring photographic or design elements to life


Shots of people or environments used for cutaway visuals during audio— otherwise known as extra footage. B-roll footage is often used as a break from the primary footage

Brand Video

A video humanizing a company, typically featuring a segment with the founder

Close Up

A type of shot composition where the subject fills the frame. This is commonly used to refer to up-close shots of an object or an actor’s face or an up-close shot of an object

Color Grading/Color Correction

Altering the colors of a still image or video image for enhancement, cohesiveness, and aesthetic purposes


Consistent placement of people and props during filming to maintain camera-subject perspective

Explainer Video

A video explaining a business or product purpose, usually using scripted narration or animations


Staged or scripted filming of live actors


While some people use this to refer to the entire process, we define “production” as the active filming of all raw elements


All logistical planning before a shoot. This specifically includes scripting, casting, location scouting, and storyboarding


All creative detailing and formatting of footage. This specifically includes animating, editing, sound mixing, and color correction and is consequently the most time-consuming part of the process

Shot List

A detailed checklist of every shot the director wants to include in the video

Sound Mixing

The editing and combining of recorded tracks to create smooth, flowing audio


The blueprint of the shots and frames for a video. These detailed drawings are made by creative team and show exactly how each scene should look

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