Anyone can make a video on their smartphone these days. This is great for our personal lives, but maybe not so much for professional purposes. Luckily, there are great video ad agencies out there (like us!) who can help you make your perfect company video! Crafting the perfect video for your business takes artistry and skill, as well as thought and vast knowledge of the world of film. We’ve got this and marketing and advertising strategy.

The basis of a good video is, of course, a great concept. But you also need a fantastic production crew to make that concept come to life! So who makes up a crew? While sometimes it depends on how large the production is, at PhotoPlusVideo we always have the necessary crew no matter the scale of the project. We care about the work we do, and we know who we need to produce the quality of work we are proud of.

Here it is, our production crew:


The one with the vision. This is the person who helps create the concept and sees it playing out in their head. They know what shots should be taken, how each actor should be staged, where props should be, and what they want the final product to look like. The script is basically a blueprint, and the director constructs it in real life. Directing is hard work because there’s a translation involved from the vision inside their head to the rest of the team. It’s like a symphony: the director is the conductor, and the crew is the orchestra. Each member of the crew has their own specialty. Under the guide of the director, they all play their parts to produce a beautiful masterpiece.

Director of Photography (DP):

This is the head of the camera department, and typically will be the person operating the camera. If the production requires multiple cameras, there will be more people operating them. The DP is in charge of directing each cameraperson on their responsibilities. The DP is also responsible for executing the shots designed by the director. This means finding the light to emphasize the right mood, getting creative to find the right angle, and doing everything to bring the director’s vision to life. Not only is the person behind the camera important, but the actual equipment matters too! There are many lenses and cameras that accomplish different goals, so and DP must understand equipment well. High quality equipment operated by a high quality DP will bring you the best outcome possible.

Production Manager (PM):

This person gets everyone where they need to be. There is a lot of coordination involved with a professional shoot— especially if there are multiple locations and actors. Timing is a big part of it, and the PM is the one who keeps everyone on track with the shoot schedule. They’ll know who needs to be where, what they’re supposed to be wearing, and what most of their lines are.


Although the stylist isn’t always on set, they’re very important when it comes to coordinating the aesthetics of the actors. Some concepts require detailed color coordination or clothing styles to really emphasize the point. A stylist is the best person to make this happen seamlessly. They’re the ones who bring the entire look together!

Production Assistant (PA):

The PA can be the most important person on set! Actors and crew members need to be fed and hydrated so they can do their best work, and everyone else is often too busy to make it happen. The PA is the fairy who provides the necessities of a productive set. They know the ins and outs of the entire shoot, script, and schedule, and help the PM make the shoot run efficiently.

Sound Recordist:

The sound recordist is one of the most important members of the crew (although we believe everyone is special)! They do exactly what their title says; they record all the sounds, lines, and relevant noises for the shoot. They’re the ones to make sure every line is heard clearly and that there is no background noise. Since this is the person who will be editing and mixing the sound in post-production, they know exactly what they need in order to have the essential elements to work with later. They’re also responsible for deploying all of the microphones and audio equipment to make sure they’re getting the best sound.

Art Director:

In coordination with the director, the art director creates the visual aesthetic of the shoot by drawing up full plans for shots. It’s their job to set up the scene to truly get the message of the video across. They work with the PM to make sure every prop fits in, and work with the stylist to ensure all wardrobe choices are appropriate. Every object, prop, and person has a specific place on the set, and it’s up to the art director to decide where that is.

Assistant Director:

Typically, the assistant director is present for larger shoots to keep everyone and everything in order. They know and understand the vision as intimately as the director does, and are able to assist in placing people while the director focuses on the larger picture. They also offer a second view and an opinion that is trusted by the director— kind of like a right-hand man.


The fairy godmother of productions! This person is responsible for keeping the whole thing on track, and for knowing the client’s timeline so the final product can be delivered on time. They know every detail of the project and make sure everyone is happy, and doing good work.

So there you have it, a description of our talented crew that can be found on set! Want more specifics?

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