If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, or know what PhotoPlusVideo is all about, you know it’s no secret that we are biased about using video for branding purposes. Once your video is made, you should be posting it all over and trying to get as many “likes” and “shares” as you can. There are many platforms for video sharing, and it is important to know the right places to post your video. We have compiled a list of the most suitable places to share your video(s) to further grow your company’s presence:


Surprised? Didn’t think so. Facebook is one of the easiest and most accessible places for video sharing. It’s also a platform where users frequently scroll through their newsfeeds and click “play” on videos they pass by. This video could be yours— if you have a large enough follower base and are having fans, employees, and brand ambassadors share your content. Need an easy and free way to get Facebook “likes”? First, you should have an active Facebook brand page. Have all of your employees invite their friends to like your company page. Friends of those friends will then see that interaction on their newsfeeds: domino effect initiated.


As much as YouTube has its pros and cons, it is the top video sharing site in the world. Meaning this platform is a big YES when asking yourself if you should post your brand video on YouTube. This platform also has incredibly fast site speed, which is helpful when someone is deciding to watch or to click away from your video.


Although YouTube has a much larger user base, Vimeo is more often used for sharing short videos (like the ones we make)! We upload all of our videos to Vimeo: from the first take of an interview to different animation style options. When we’re sending clients their video drafts, Vimeo is the most efficient, private (if chosen to be), and attractive way. Who needs that big red “play” button in the middle of your video when using it for professional purposes? We use Vimeo to post our work on our website for display purposes, too!


Instagram is typically used for picture-posting purposes, but video sharing on the ‘gram is growing in popularity. Because of this rise in use, Instagram has increased the allowed video length from 15 seconds to a minute! You post your company video(s) on Instagram, but this is also a great platform to post cool videos of your company process (behind the scenes) and customer success with your product. More and more brands are advertising through Instagram video, proving that this is a great place for you to be putting your own video. Pro tip: we’ve found that posting using the Boomerang app generates the most number of views!

These are four important platforms we believe you should be posting your video on, but don’t forget to consider live streaming as well. Remember: the more platforms you are putting your content on, the better SEO is going to work for you!

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