How long is the process?

The standard turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Here is the breakdown from time of payment:

  • 10 business days for pre-production
  • 1-2 days for production
  • 3 weeks for post-production

Please keep in mind this can fluctuate based on the amount of changes we are asked to make, but we will always be upfront on what you can expect.

How much can I, as the client, be involved?

As much or as little as you would like! We welcome all feedback and input (in fact, we encourage it)! However, we know you’re busy, so we are also 100% able to take care of it on our own. Either way, the lines of communication are always open.

What’s the cost?

Every video budget is different based on the needs of the project. Post-production is what will drive the cost, as editing and animation take the most time and resources. Our videos typically start around $5,000 and will include everything from script writing to final editing and sound mixing.

What’s your payment policy?

We generally ask for 50% upon contract signing and 50% after delivery, but are happy to work with you to create a payment schedule that makes you comfortable.

Can I send you reference videos?

Of course! The more you can tell (or show) us about your vision, the more involved our proposal will be.

What if I’m not in Toronto?

That’s okay! We love working with clients from around the country. Depending on your location, there may be a small transportation fee but we are happy to work with you to find a great solution.

We have a marketing team but they don’t do video. Will you work with them?

We believe it’s important to be integrated with the marketing plans you have in place. A video should be part of an overall marketing strategy, and any plans you already have for a video initiative only helps us do our job better.

Who owns the footage?

You do, of course! We maintain the right to use it in our portfolio but after we deliver your final product, you’re free to distribute however you please.

Ready to take off?

Give us a shout!