Audio: More than what meets the ear

Video and audio— two aspects of video production that were made for each other. Most people think of audio simply as what you hear in what you’re watching. However, audio for video is one of the most important factors we look at while putting together your brand video. Read more below to find out why!

Frequency: Not the repetitive type

If you are looking to add background music in a video while an actor is speaking, you will need to find the perfect frequency. Frequency is essentially how high or low the pitch of sound is. Remember, the perfect pitch to complement different sound components does exist!

Hear ye, hear ye: Calling all video editors

There’s an indirect relationship between audio frequency and perceived loudness. This is something that audio editors need to keep in mind! Sounds of different frequencies may be of the same loudness, but the human ear doesn’t perceive them as being of equal strength. The takeaway here is that certain frequencies must be louder to be perceived as equally loud as other frequencies.

Location: Not just a factor in real estate

The acoustics of recording in a room affect the audio— don’t overlook this! A room with  tile flooring can reflect enough sound to interfere with the clarity of your message. Therefore, we recommend that you record in a room with sound-absorbing items. If you aren’t recording in a studio, find a room that has rugs and furniture to break up sound reflections.

Additionally, many brand videos are set in a house, apartment, or the outdoors. This helps strategically enhance the message that the company is trying to communicate. However, avoiding sound reflections is may be difficult to maneuver in the big picture of recording sound.

Ultimately, a video with bad sound quality (just like if it had a bad location, bad actor, or poor visual quality) may disinterest the user and motivate them to close out of your video. You want to work with a professional video production company that knows how to get the perfect audio for video to appeal to your audience’s ears.

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