Before we dive into the how-to’s of making a successful video for your business, you may be asking yourself: why do I need a video? Regardless of the industry you are in, whether you make a product or provide a service, are an experienced business or start-up, a well constructed video can increase your brand awareness while boosting your sales. If you need more convincing, check out these 10 must-see video marketing stats!

The stats:

1. By 2021, 80% of world’s internet traffic will be video. In Canada, video will account for 85% of the total

Videos are entertaining and easily digestible… which is why people love to watch them! They can also significantly improve your conversions. Do you think content marketing is all about text in the digital marketing world? It’s time to think again, and we suggest taking a look at video to diversify your content strategy.

2. 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, according to Invodo

Commuting, meal time, those 10 minutes between waking up for work and laying in bed because you can’t get yourself out of bed yet. These are the times most people are scrolling through apps on their phones. Find something that catches your eye or know your friend is interested in something? You share it. Let’s be honest here, everyone is more likely to share a video than an article with a friend. It’s evident just by scrolling through Facebook that video is the new black. Be smart. Brand yourself with a video. It’ll boost your sharing rate.

3. 50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video, according to Forbes

Executives are the people you want to be examining your site anyways, right? Videos are the pull, websites are the push in the name of selling your product. Pulling comes first.

4. 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium

These mediums include anything from newspapers, to television, to email, to Facebook. The best way to advertise yourself is through video; let’s face it, who’s buying newspapers nowadays? Think about it, how often do you read through an unfamiliar email? Pay attention to TV ads? How many times have you actually clicked on a Facebook ad? …What if there was a video you could watch before visiting a site? Videos are the less offensive way of saying “buy my product” in the advertising world. They give a little taste of what your company is really about. If the viewer is interested enough they’ll click it!

5. Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Marketing through email is especially hard nowadays since there are so many other advertising platforms out there. Wouldn’t you rather open up an email with a video rather than having to read through a whole page of text to get the big picture of the message? The stats prove it, and now it’s your turn to try it!

6. The average user spends 105% more time on a website with video

It’s not hard to support this statistic. Living in the technology-reliant world we live in today, it’s clear that clicking on a website and being able to get the gist of the message with one click as opposed to reading on and on about it will always be the better option for almost anyone.

7. 96% of consumers say they find videos “helpful” when making purchase decisions online

Here’s another reason you need to market yourself through video. The goal of advertising is to sell your product after all. Video advertising is meant to be short, sweet and to the point. Producing a professional video isn’t cheap, but think about all the sales you’ll bring in if video marketing is clearly pulling in more sales due to stats.

8. Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words

What does this mean for you? It means you can convey your product or service faster to your audience through video then if they were to just read about it. Tell them more, in less time!

9. 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text

That’s right folks, explanation through words on your webpage matter, but the combination of video + text makes someone who’s serious about using your product that much more tempted to give you a call.

10. 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication

Are you in the 7% of brands that aren’t using video to market yourself? Time for a change. From the previous 9 statistics you’ve just read, we’re hoping you understand the importance of branding yourself through video.

These stats just scratch the surface of how important video is and how it can significantly improve your business. If you want to learn more about how video can make a big impact on your business, give us a shout.

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